November 2017

First of all I would like to congratulate all those beginners who have made the step up to improver-intermediate and have bravely changed class. You have risen to the challenge and are acquiring new strength and better co-ordination each week, just remember sometimes it’s better to take the lower option to get the best technique and long term better results. You can be sure I will encourage you to try a higher level if I think you are ready!

Secondly, thank you to all of my clients who bought a Lucky Square in aid of Macmillan during October breast cancer awareness month you raised £86.

Maria Gupta is the Acclaim Pilates client of the month. She sent me a photo of herself celebrating her 70th birthday on holiday in Greece standing on a paddle board. It takes balance, strength and co-ordination which she puts down to regular pilates sessions.

There was a mixed reception for the newest piece of small equipment ‘The Gliders’, which on some surfaces did not work as well as others, those in the classes at Hornchurch library struggled because of the floor is not quite smooth or carpeted so neither side slipped quite right. General feedback was that you got warm faster using the gliders I think that you have to work more deeply and from your centre, what Joseph Pilates called ‘The Power House’, to keep contact with the floor. Going forward I think I will use them for only a part of a class, they are great for creating long, strong elegant movements that challenge balance while mobilising hips and shoulders. I have uploaded a 5 minute standing gliding workout to ‘Acclaim to View’ a closed WhatsApp group and if you are attending classes and have not already joined the group click here to request an invitation so that you can get short videos to help you do mini workouts at home.

As we go into the season for coughs and colds remember to let me know before your class if you can’t make it and then you should be able to drop into another class to catch up the one you missed once you are better.

All best wishes.