December 2017

After another successful beginners course on Monday evenings more clients have made progress to day and evening Improver/intermediate classes and are picking up the challenges of incorporating small equipment in to their Pilates repertoire.

Everyone has their favourite equipment, balls, resistance bands, magic circles gliders or broomsticks and their least favourite and it’s always interesting and informative to find out what people love and loathe and why, it helps me to plan more effective and personally appropriate course content when I get feedback, so keep it coming!

The Client of the Month for December is Stephanie Clark who having come to Pilates as a reluctant exerciser a year ago is continuing to make strong and steady progress after the revelation of how effective Pilates has been for her in reducing long held pain in her back and restrictions in the use in one arm… Read more about her Pilates experience here.

The current advanced course is concentrating on the 34 Moves as stipulated by Pilates founder Joseph Pilates as the essential everyday workout regime. We are breaking the moves down and building them up again so that by Christmas all those attending these classes will have their own level of the 34 Moves engrained in mind and body to be able to perform this much recommended daily workout whenever they have 30minutes to spare over the Christmas break and into next year.

For everyone there will be a Mini Christmas stretch workout to aid recovery after inactivity, over indulgence or to release stress following the hectic days of entertaining and travel that this season brings. All current clients will have the option of having this workout as a video via the ‘Acclaim to View’ What’s App group or as a worksheet. Request to join Acclaim to View here.

Thank you to everyone for all your hard work this year and for making my work so rewarding and fun. I am already anticipating a good start to 2018 when I embark on additional training on the Pilates Reformer and to welcoming new beginners to Acclaim Pilates in January.

With Love and Peace for Christmas and the New Year,

All best wishes.