Client of the Month – Stephanie Clark

When I initially took up Pilates I wanted to strengthen my core muscles and improve my lower back pain. I had ‘slipped a disc’ in my lower back about 25 years ago and suffered from chronic low back pain and sciatica since. I was also suffering from chronic nerve pain in my right arm and hand as a result of herniated discs in my cervical spine.

I had been offered a nerve stimulation implant in my neck by doctors to control the pain which seemed quite drastic. Then I came to Pilates and within 3 weeks of joining Virginia‘s class I noticed an improvement in the pain in my arm and mobility in my hand, she helped me to focus on relaxing my shoulders and realigning my head and as a consequence I could open my hand out flat which I had not been able to do for some time. There was also a dramatic improvement in my low back pain.

I am a midwife by profession and I am now enjoying holding new born babies again rather than delegating to colleagues because I was nervous about my hand. I have consequently told my Doctors that I no longer need the implant to control the pain and I will continue with my regular Pilates class on Thursday morning to maintain this reduction in pain and regained mobility. I am now aiming to improve my overall body tone and strength as my class progress from beginners to improvers.

Virginia is a wonderful teacher, she is inspiring and empathetic, she knows the needs of everyone in the group, tailoring sessions to our individual needs and restrictions, She is very hands on and supportive and for the first time ever I enjoy exercising and can see its benefits.