Client of the Month – Maria Gupta

In recent years I started noticing that a lot of people of my age were experiencing a reduction in their physical abilities which they find quite upsetting. As for myself it has been the other way round. I was one of Virginia's first clients, and one of the most challenging ones.

I had always been an active person, but had never practiced any physical activity on a regular basis, mainly because I was afraid of practicing wrongly.  I was never a good observer, and I always knew that I needed individual attention from someone who could get onto my wavelength. I had a great lack of body awareness, and it took Virginia's imaginative efforts, on a one-to-one, to begin to awake that in me. I gradually began to realise that this was the teacher I had been looking for all my life.

I have just returned from a surprise holiday in Greece with all the family, to celebrate my husband's and my 70th birthdays.  We had a wonderful time, but the crowning glory was that I tried AND succeeded at paddle boarding.  The fact of trying itself was a success.  My balance was always hopeless, and I would never have got near a paddle board in the past.  But recently, I had started to notice an improvement in general fitness, as I have been able to do a lot of gardening without getting back ache.

With this new confidence, I decided to test myself - the sense of achievement was enormous! Thank you, Virginia.