Client of the Month – Katie Glozier

I have been practising Pilates now with Virginia for approximately a year and a half. I had always suffered with tension in my shoulders due to bad posture and wanted to find a class that would complement my road cycling. Through regular training I found that my posture improved dramatically as well as my core strength and overall fitness.

8 months into training I fell pregnant with my son and with some small tweeks to the moves and the use of a large foam wedge that Virginia provided, I was able to carry on with Virginia's class. I believe that building a stronger core, improving my postural control and the regular gentle exercise of the Pilates class all helped me to carry my son more comfortably during pregnancy. I trained with Virginia up until 8 months pregnant (until my bump demanded that I rest and wouldn't let me!).

Virginia's classes are always a lot of fun and very informative. She takes the time to insure you are performing each move correctly and offers adaptions if she feels you can push yourself further or support you while you grow a baby bump!

8 weeks after giving birth I am now back in class and hope to get back to my pre baby Pilates level in the next few months. Beyond that, I hope to join the Advanced Class before Christmas and to be able to do all the advanced moves well by the time Oliver has his first birthday. If I have time I would like to return to Pilates Barre too.