August 2017

It’s been awhile since my last blog but I promise to be more regular in future and keep up-to-date. Please have a read about Katie Glozier who is the featured ‘Client of The Month’. Katie has just returned to pilates eight weeks after having safely delivered her son Oliver and she is looking fantastic, congratulations Katie!

Pilates Barre has been launched and enjoyed by many in the last year, providing a second class a week that is different from mat classes, a more cardio workout but still without impact so still kind to joints. If you have not had a look at the video on the home page yet just see how graceful everyone looks. I can see the improved leg strength in mat exercises as a result of the Barre choreography, balance has improved too for those who do this complementary class.

The Pilates Poles were introduced this year, after I attended last summer’s J Pilates conference, and have been well received. Beginners benefit from feedback and advanced clients the challenges. We have all gained more mobility in our shoulders from their use. After the summer I will be introducing a new piece of apparatus the sliders that I experienced for the first time on the J Pilates conference that I attended this July. These are slippy discs that challenge balance and control, something to look forward to in September! I always come back inspired from courses that Joanne Cobbe of J Pilates runs and this year was no exception. I went to the conference having been out of action due to an injury for 3 weeks and I was not sure that I was up to it as it was six hours of practical workshops but it was great! I could concentrate entirely on my own technique and the teaching was fabulous. I have been going to J Pilates conferences ever since Jo started them five years ago so I was hailed as a J Pilates Elder, no, not an old person but a respected experienced associate of J Pilates and I felt so warm to be identified as such. I hope to emulate Joanne Cobbe in creating a fun and warm Pilates community for my clients. Joanne is only an email away if I need support with my Pilates and an email or a text from clients, will always get a supportive response from me likewise.

This month I have established a closed broadcast group on WhatsApp in order to share short videos to support my lovely clients to workout at home and I have sent those who joined the group their first Dynamic non-stop 5 minute Pilates workout with upbeat sound track. This would be fabulous to do after the ‘Morning Mobility Workout’ that everyone should have as a worksheet but which I have also made available to the WhatsApp group as a photo. If any current clients have not got the worksheet and would like one, email me and I will send you one or print you one off and bring to your next class. If you are interested in the WhatsApp group and want an invite click here.

All best wishes.